Harrogate RUFC News

Harrogate Match Reports

  • Wirral vs Harrogate
    This is not a game that Harrogate should forget. It’s one they should remember for how everybody feels when playing standards are allowed to slip so badly.
  • Harrogate vs Sandal
    Harrogate/Sandal matches are traditionally high scoring occasions and this was no exception.
  • Billingham vs Harrogate
    Injury stoppage time led to this match lasting for 92 minutes and Billingham were in the lead for 91 and a half of them.
  • Hinckley vs Harrogate
    In this scintillating match, Harrogate led until the 79th minute when a Hinckley converted try snatched the narrowest of victories.
  • Harrogate vs Otley
    Otley completely outplayed Harrogate in this crucial derby match to deservedly win and, with one League match remaining, consign Harrogate to the relegation danger zone.