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The Ivor Preece Centre, Your Civil Wedding Venue In Coventry

Since April 1995, it has been possible to arrange for civil ceremonies to take place at certain venues other than a register office. These other venues are officially known as approved premises but are more commonly known as licensed venues.

What is a civil wedding ?

If neither member of a couple is particularly religious, maybe you both decide that you have a preference for a non-religious ceremony, you could choose to hold a civil wedding ceremony instead. A civil wedding ceremony can be held at any register office in England or Wales, or at any approved venue which is licensed to hold weddings under the Marriage Act, including The Ivor Preece Field, some stately homes, prestigious buildings, hotels and restaurant. A civil registrar ceremony is a non-religious legal marriage ceremony performed by a local government official or functionary normally called a registrar in the United Kingdom. The civil wedding ceremony is the same as a traditional church wedding ceremony and be witnessed by at least two competent people, who will be required to sign the marriage register.

The civil ceremonycelebrate-your-wedding-in-coventry-at-the-ivor-preece-centre

In the UK, there are many private premises which are licensed to hold civil ceremonies. A civil registrar ceremony cannot include hymns, religious readings or prayers, and the marriage must take place at a registered or licensed venue to be legally valid. . As well as each party to the marriage signing the register, signatures of two witnesses are also required. A civil ceremony is often described as a Ceremony that is driven by the wishes, beliefs and values of the person or family, not by the beliefs or ideology of the person conducting it"

Civil Wedding Ceremony Style

As with non-civil ceremonies, the formality and style of the ceremony depends entirely on the tastes and imagination of the couple concerned. Civil ceremonies can vary greatly from a small intimate affair with just the bride and groom and 2 witnesses to a full traditional white wedding affair and everything in between! Of course some of this is dictated by where you choose to have your civil ceremony as well.



When You Choose The Ivor Preece Centre

  • Minutes From The Midlands Motorway Network

  • Three Approved Rooms For Civil Weddings

  • Versatile Room Layouts

  • Landscaped Grounds In Warwickshire

  • 3 Ground Floor Accessible Rooms

  • Flexible Menus and Drink Options


Booking Your Civil Wedding

Maybe you are looking for a flexible civil wedding venue in the midlands, if you would like to book a viewing and discuss your civil wedding options at the Ivor Preece Centre then please complete our Civil Wedding Enquiry form or contact our Events Organiser by phone on 024 7654 1070

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